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 Light Yellow/Fawn (blue under ears)






Hand made with "special corners".

Choice of greyhound color, blanket

and binding/under ear colors.

NOTE:  Eyes are "Safety Eyes" but

recommended ONLY for children 3 years and older.

(thread eyes on request or felt eyes)












From Left:  Bright Yellow (green under ears), Gray (light yellow under ears) and Golden Yellow (red under ears).



Light blue (light blue under ears)

From Left: Polka dot (special order- red under ears), Black (bright pink under ears) and Tan (yellow under ears.


From Left: Pink (rainbow under ears), Dark Gray (red under ears), Light Fawn (red under ears)

Black Blanky

Black with red under ears

Steelers (yellow with yellow under ears) and Eagles (gray with green under ears) - other teams if fabric is available.


Tan with medium blue under ears.


Blue (medium blue under ears) and Pink (Rainbow under ears) Blanky Buddies with same blanket for twins!


Light blue with bright green.


Brindle with Orchid


Special Order - Pooh and Friends design.


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