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Hand Painted

Square Soaps: $5.00

Laying Greyhound $5.00






Hand painted soaps.....

Your choice of Greyhound colors.

Paintings appear best on white soap

(large laying Greyhound facing left: app. 4" long, 2-1/4 " high).



 $4.00 Standing, square, oval with head and laying greyhound

$3.00 Oval running greyhound


$5.00 oval head



Choice of soap base and colors...

clear or white soap

single or double colors

ropes on soaps

Several types of soap are available as well as fragrances.


$4.00 Painted


$10.00 plain

$12.00 painted

100% of selling price goes directly to Greyhound Adoptions of Florida


Angel Greyhound soaps - only GAF will be selling these.

Clear colored, solid white with or without glitter on the wing area.

Just under 7" tall, 3" wide at the paws.



$10.00 plain

$12.00 painted


Same as the greyhound above, but without wings.









Small Laying Greyhound

(small laying Greyhound facing left: app. 3.5" long, 2" high).




Sitting Greyhound

$6.00 Painted

Plain $5.00




Very delicate with front legs.

I can only make these out of clear or colored Glycerin.  No Shea Butter or other "softer" soap.  The white color is 1-part Shea Butter and 9-parts Glycerin.

(app. 2.5" long, 4" high).





Small Oval Guest Soaps

2.25" across

$1.00 for 2 soaps


Back legs are too thin to pour in 2 colors (as you can see from the one model).



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