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               Bill holding Pandy - Holly holding Torey and Rufus

Bill and me

Pandy, Torey and Rufus

We used to be English Springer people, but after two Springers with rage syndrome, (and being attacked by my 18-month old Springer), we reluctantly left the breed.

Our second choice was Greyhounds through a rescue - we had been to the NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program) kennel in Phila. to look at Greyhounds before we bought our last English Springer.  And so began our journey.

First, from NGAP there was Moonbeam, then Ahidi and Pandy (left).  They moved to Hilo, HI with us, going through the horrendous 31 day quarantine.  We brought them home with us.

Next came puppy Rufus (right) from GAF (Greyhound Adoptions of Florida).  He had his left front paw bitten off at 10 days of age, as well as other injuries, so he never raced.  Then, through GAF, we adopted his fur mom, Vicki.  (No, they didn't really know each other, although it had only been about 6 months since they were separated.)  Next came Torey (center), the only other living pup from Vicki's last litter and Rufus' littermate.  We found him at the Mobile Track and when he finished racing GAF helped us adopt him.

We lost our Ahidi to Osteosarcoma, Vicki to Kidney Disease, Moonbeam to Congestive Heart Failure and Pandy (above) to Osteosarcoma.


Christmas 2008 - Rufus, Shine and Torey with the wild eyes.

Shine joined us in May, 2008, also from Greyhound Adoptions of Florida.


We LOVE our Greyhounds!




Myrtle Beach Camping - August 2010

Shine, Torey and Rufus with hubby.

Rufus left us 1 October, 2010 (Kidney Disease)


Our Christmas Picture 2010

Shine and Torey.



Christmas 2011

Torey, Shine and Jake

2012 Christmas
Christmas 2012
Shine and Jake

Torey left us 7 June 2012  (Kidney disease)

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